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Welcome to Boutique Supply Co.!

We carry a wide variety of stemless flower heads, loose petals, hair bow and headbandmaking supplies.  Perfect for DIY crafters, boutiques, etsy clients & resellers. 
Our low pricing, fast shipping and excellent quailty alllows for you topurchase our products with piece of mind. 

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Vintage Shabby

Bling Buttercups

Gerber Daisies

Satin Puffs

Vintage Lace

Add your own Center

Animal Prints

Marabou Feathers

Vintage Crochet

Tutu Puffs

Vintage Ranunculus

Vintage Tutu Puffs

Mini Crochet

Shabby Rolled

Glitter Roses

Polka Dot Daisy

Mini Lily


Mini Daisy


Blooming Satin Rose


Tropical Lily


Sequin Flower

Vintage Marabou Feather

Mix n Match Petals

"We want to make sure you are 100% satisified"